Flexible study pathways for Students

We make online learning – blended learning, bringing all the classroom support and campus experience for students

Smart Pathways

We Facilitate Universities admissions for short programs, undergraduate programs and post graduate programs.
We make your online learning a blended learning experience with classroom support and campus experience from our hub.
Choose from a variety of courses from our playbook in Engineering, Software Engineering, Game design and Development, Communication Design, Interior Design, Branded Fashion Design, Photography, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, 3D Design and Animation, UX and Web Design and Film and Video Design and join our playground for movers and shakers and a pathway to the real world of creative technology.
Start your study with Ehizua Hub and Land a career you love 

Skills-based training

Skills-based training focus is to make participants engage in skills-based in demand Industry-focused training that can immediately be applicable in a job.
We offer skills-based training that prepares participants for industry certifications exams and global recognition.

Job Assist services

Job Assist services assist participants to secure employment with recruitment agencies and employers. We facilitate access to career counselling, professional development, internship, pre-employment training and pre-employment checks, resume writing, job applications and Interview Preparation.

Creative Hub

“Ehizua provides combination of education, investment, mentoring and networking for participants. Through a fixed term program that usually lasts from three to twelve months.”

Creative Hub is our social impact program for members of the hub. We provide platform for participants to connect, network, workshop, incubate and accelerate. Our hub facilitates face -to -face hands-on projects support, teamwork, cohorts learning and provide co-curricular activities, access to expert, advisors, mentors, facilitators, support team and funding that support participants ideation, pre-incubation to incubation. The Hub enables participants to validate their ideas and market fit for their innovation, products, or services, access funding, build and launch initial prototypes.

We provide Corporate Accelerator Program and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC).

We support start-ups (early stage companies) or scaleup company (companies that have found product/market fit) early-stage start-up companies through start-up capital, mentorship and office space. We help our start-ups with a competitive advantage in reducing the time it takes for innovations to come to market; through our superior knowledge of markets and technologies, strong balance sheets, and the ability to be a patient investor.
Founders and Visionaries can access;
Strong brand reputation
Mentorship and research
A series of expert training sessions
Valuable network and generate business opportunities.
Internal teams
Resources and facilities
Top-notch speakers and experts
Investor and corporate engagement
Crowdsource knowledge from fellow founders, engineers and commercial specialists
We accelerate and funds creative technology programs in the areas of multi-sensory experiences created using computer graphics, video production, digital cinematography, virtual reality, augmented reality, video editing, software engineering, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, CAD/CAM and wearable technology.

Our program is open to participants of eCTHub selected programs.