We provide Startup Tech Support

We support start-ups (early stage companies) or scaleup company (companies that have found product/market fit) early-stage start-up companies through start-up tech support, mentorship and office space.

Commercialize your innovation

We help our start-ups with a competitive advantage in reducing the time it takes for
innovations to come to market; through our superior knowledge of markets and technologies, strong balance sheets, and the
ability to be a patient investor.

Accelerating Creative and Excellent Programs

We accelerate and funds creative technology programs in the areas of multi-sensory experiences created using computer graphics, video production, digital cinematography, virtual reality, augmented reality, video editing, software engineering, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, CAD/CAM and wearable technology.

Commercialize your innovation



The enterprise Sandbox program functions as a talent accelerator that connects corporate organizations and startups to our pipeline of talents trained through our academic and training arm. The sandbox gives corporate organizations the room to explore technological solutions that advance their business objectives and improve productive capacity while granting talents within our pipeline access to real time projects where their talents can be deployed and potentially transformed into job opportunities like internships and job placements.


The Incubation programs are designed to find and support entrepreneurs creating solutions to challenges within the focal areas of education, health, agriculture, financial services, digital infrastructure and enterprise saas. The program seeks to partner with these entrepreneurs to navigate their startup journey from ideation to product-market fit phases of their startup journey.


The Accelerator program is specifically designed to attend to the growth needs of edtech companies who are navigating the realities of their market and need to transition to their next phase of their startup journey. As an educational and learning institution, Ehizua hub provides access to resources, networks and tools that will catalyze the productivity of entrepreneurs seeking to solve the challenges hindering the potential of education locally and globally.


Our policy work focuses on fostering bilateral relationships between Africa and the world to ensure borderless access to opportunities for talents. As the world braces for the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, our work ensures that we are creating linkages between ecosystems and economies across the globe towards the evolution of a global digital economy. The policy focus is to ensure that talents and the facilitation of a future-ready workforce is how Africa repositions itself within the global landscape.

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