Course overview

Data Analysis

Data is the oil of today and the future. Learn data analysis today to make you a valuable person to companies the world over. Learn how to use Excel, SQL, Power BI, to provide valuable insight of the millions of data generated daily on various platforms.


Become a product Designer in 8 weeks and make a profitable career growth in 2022! No coding and no prior knowledge required. Learn how to design a user-friendly interface, perform user research, wireframing and build your own portfolio.

Cinematography and Video Editing

Content creators make thousands and millions of naira weekly, just with their photography, videography, and creative skills. Learn how to shoot and edit videos and pictures that can scale up your income in just two months. We will be taking you from start to finish, all you need to know!!!

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing will enable you learn how to use the computer and various computer programs professionally. You will learn how to use Microsoft Office Packages (MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Access) and graphic design, using adobe photoshop. Once you have mastered the use of these computer applications, you will be ready to learn and do more with a computer.

Website Development

Website development is a skill for now and for the future, you must have. Most businesses require a website to engage customers. Website development helps you master programming languages such as Javascript, node js, HTML, CSS etc. Join our training and you will be able to develop websites in just 2 weeks.

Video Editing

Video Editing is the ability to tell stories by compiling and sorting visual media into a narrative. In this era where content is key, having the skills to edit videos is crucial, as videos turns out to be an important communication tool today. Join us to learn Motion Graphics, After Effects and lots more in our video editing class.