Ready to take on the next century of work?
In partnership with universities, we are helping companies build creative technology driven workforce by delivering skills-based in demand Industry-focused training.

We support companies with result oriented employees for innovation, we provide skills-based training that are customised and industry relevant to help companies with learning and development (L&D) strategy, upskilling, reskilling, and retaining the best talent leveraging a wide range of programs, including certifications, instructor-led training, and university powered diploma, degrees and master qualifications.
Sustainable and Successful organization
Ehizua was founded on the insight that access to education and employment is best way to achieve improved socio-economic status. In bridging the gap between job candidates, education providers and labor markets we partner with service providers, education providers and employers to design, develop and deliver initiatives aimed at delivering skills-based in demand Industry-focused training through highly person-centered approach.
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What We Offer


Our readily available workshop helps improve readiness for testing and implementation activities, reducing rework and enabling smoother implementations, using technology to enhance business processes and accelerate industrial growth.

Reskilling Employee

If your organization wants to stay competitive, you must have employees with the right skills to help you be productive, innovative, and ultimately more profitable. Reskilling is a way to ensure your employees have the skills they need to thrive and make transitions into new roles.


Every organization want their employees to have all of the skills they need to meet their organizational goals, but many don’t. Employers everywhere are bemoaning the lack of soft skills among job candidates and employees. In the meantime, businesses are finding ways to upskill existing employees.

Upskilling Employees

As technology creates new opportunities and job positions within the workplace, it becomes increasingly important for companies to fill these new roles with candidates who possess the relevant, specialized skill sets. Upskilling allows organizations to close the digital talent gap