3D Design and Animation

This course is a foundation course for Game Development (Game Art & Game Design) and 3D Animation curriculum. The purpose is to familiarize the students with the 3D interface and build a working knowledge of the basic tools and skills needed to design and create 3D models in a virtual environment.

How you will Learn

Milestone 1

Introduction to 3D Program Environment

Basic Modeling Techniques

Creating and manipulating a 3D Mesh

Refining Mesh Models Using Editing Tools

Modeling Project- Creating a 3D Scene with Mesh Models

Milestone Project

Milestone 2

Introduction to 3D Animation

Adding Materials and Textures to Mesh Models

Adding Lights to Your Scene and Rendering the Completed Product

Adding realism and detail

Advanced Materials

Milestone Project

Milestone 3

Advanced NURBS modeling

Low Polygon Count Modeling

Deformations & Animation tools for Modeling

Rendering & Post

MEL Intro, Capturing, Saving, Modifying Commands

Milestone Project&lt

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Course Progression

Once you begin the course, your instructor/mentor will ensure that all the key concepts are well understood before you move on to the next modules. This ensures that you develop the

confidence and skills needed to progress through the course. If you need additional support at any point, your instructor will provide 1:1 guidance to bring you up to speed.

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